What acupuncture can do for you


I remember when acupuncture was mysterious to me. I'd heard of it; knew it involved needles, and that people used it to treat things like pain and hormonal problems. But I didn't really know what it was about or whether I needed it. 

At one point, though, I got frustrated with Western medicine and its stock answers of blood work, prescriptions, and invasive procedures. So I took a leap and tried acupuncture, out of curiosity and a desire to feel better.

My first few treatments did not change my life. They were nice, I felt relaxed, but nothing really powerful. Then, the acupuncturist I was seeing moved to a different state, and recommended a different practitioner with whom I could continue treatments. Those treatments with the new acupuncturist did change my life. When I received the needles, I could feel the energy coursing through my body. I felt like an energetic being. And I saw measurable improvements in my state of health, as well.

I share this experience because acupuncture is a form of energy medicine, and thus it is important to find the right practitioner for you. Each acupuncturist will have her or his own style, manner, and approach to treatment, and your resonance with that person is crucial to the effectiveness of the treatment. People  have told me, "Oh, I tried acupuncture, and it didn't work." I always reply, It is worth trying again! You may simply need a different practitioner.

I can tell you with all sincerity that acupuncture is powerful medicine. For every person who's said it didn't work for them, I've heard many times over from people who say it's the only thing that's worked for their health issues. It keeps their migraines at bay. It helps them sleep without prescriptions. It balances out their wacky hormonal issues that doctors couldn't fix. It resolved their shoulder pain in 3 treatments. It returned mobility to their neck. It cured their Bells palsy. It cured their fever. It helped them get pregnant after multiple miscarriages. The list goes on. There's a reason why acupuncture's popularity is growing!

Come on in, let's have a chat, let's see how acupuncture might be able to attend to your health needs.  Schedule a free 15-minute consultation (by phone or in person) here.