About Acupuncture

Photo by Yurchello108/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Yurchello108/iStock / Getty Images

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a complete system of holistic medicine developed over centuries throughout East Asia. Whereas Western-trained physicians are trained to identify and treat symptoms, isolating the disease from the patient’s whole being, this approach is incongruent with Nature and natural order. East Asian medicine is a comprehensive medicine—a science, a philosophy, a practice—that respects the natural order and the human body’s place within that order. It approaches the patient as a Whole Being who is inseparable from her/his environment, influenced by its seasons and rhythms, a part of the entirety of the universe, and intricately connected to one another.

We cannot treat the body, the mind, or the spirit without affecting the other parts of the Whole. East Asian medicine considers symptoms to be an indication of imbalance somewhere within these three aspects of the Whole. It is a practical, yet sophisticated medicine that recognizes an intelligent interconnectedness within and without the body. It also recognizes the body’s innate capacity to heal, given the right support. Life always supports life.

I believe the Western model lacks this understanding of/appreciation for Wholeness, and thus its ability to serve its patients is limited. East Asian medicine has ancient roots, but very modern applications. It draws on plant medicine and the body’s own energies to promote healing. However, healing is a joint effort. I cannot heal anyone; the journey to wellness is a partnership in which we are both committed to the same goal. I will encourage you to take responsibility for your health through nutrition, exercise, rest, soul-nourishing pursuits,

The most successful patients are committed to their own health. With the right guidance, you can be as healthy as you want to be!